Play & Pray

I’m Brahim from Ain Borja/Casablanca. I love Parkour (PK) in the urban environment. In fact, not all the vaults, jumps & rolls are really necessary to move forward but definitely fun! My love for Islam and my joy of life go together! Uncle Imran’s invention makes it more easy for me to combine both.


We play together in a team and we pray together as brothers. Yunus loves making the Adhan so I Iead the prayer and recite the Suras I like most.

On the road again…

Travelling is a state of being. That’s probably why there are so many facilitations for the traveller in Islamic law. We may combine and shorten our prayers, but still, they can be more intensive. With smartKhuffZ® it’s much easier to make wudu’, what is most difficult on a journey. A place to pray is always to find... […] 

Pure Ablution

There’s hardly anything better than a perfect wudu’… but rarely you find the right place for it. Even in a mosque, it’s not granted. Wet feet just don’t matter in generally hot areas, but anywhere else we prefer smartKhuffZ®. […]